LA QUINCAILLERIE gathers 3 studios based somewhere between France and Japan:
- ASG-STUDIO brings together audiovisual and cultural engineering professionals who develop and support projects, with a poetic and artistic line.
- Life Pass Filter, a protean entity, half way between a composition studio and an audio design laboratory. The aim of LPF is to provide soulful music without style boundaries.

- Okéla Studio creates visual solutions and contents : art direction, graphic design, illustration and more (and more). 

At LA QUINCAILLERIE we have a large store full of tools for any type of communication and projects :)

For 2020 we did a little animation to promote cultural disversity, difference, personality. Something like us : simple, cute and funny (ok, we tried) with our values, something somewhere on the sea, between la Bratagne, Okinawa and also our North of France...

Please enjoy :)

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