I created a visual and an animation for Life Pass Filter, on his project "London x Varanasi"

"Born out of the desire to concretize a concept of urban encounter, "London x Varanasi" is a project that is both graphic and musical, which creates a bridge between two distinct worlds, two opposite.
Fields recordings have been done in both cities.Then these recordings became instruments and finally songs."

THE LINE : Through the recordings, travel notes and memories, I tried to find a link between London and Varanasi. Architecture, skyline, concentration of people, water, steps, ghats... So I decided to work with lines, it also refer to time and rhythm.

GRAPHIC INSPIRATIONS : Saturations, accumulation...
Animation City - Yidan Men /
She Dreams Sisyphus – Mixed Media Artwork by Karborn / Rain 025 - Yoshinori Mizutani.

PROCESS : I drew the landscape/skyline piece by piece, from Varanasi and London architecture.
I designed each one to be animated.

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